Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wishing all my readers a very happy Diwali

A festival of lights
Is an opportunity
To light the dark corners of our hearts
To light the dark lives of others
To spread good cheer among the joyless hearts
To infuse strength among the weak and oppressed
To share what we have with those who are not as blessed
To snuff out the burning desire inside us to harm others
To burn the monsters of envy, greed and anger
To attain peace, contentment and eternal light
To renew our pact with knowledge and wisdom
To make life little more bearable for the ones we care
To serve Him by serving those who are left unncared 
To renew our promise to our Creator
To keep His eternal flame alive in our hearts and minds
To make sure that no heart bleeds in neglect
To make sure that no mind slips into darkness
To live life just the way He wants us to live
To continue to light one torch with another
And spread so much of light through the year
That 'Amavas' is shamed into hiding and quietly disappears.    

By Rana Nayar 


  1. amen!may the love n light of your mystic self touch every heart.

  2. A lovely Poem...Happy Diwali

    We stand in line
    holding Diyas
    for the
    Highest gift
    for His generosity cannot end.
    But best to bring an instrument along
    while waiting in His playground
    and sing chants
    to accompany the palms' swinging
    that are casting silhouettes
    against the Sky's curtain
    from our fire of love...

  3. Thank for blessing us with this prayer Sir.

  4. Beautifully said. The essence of Diwali, so wonderfully captured...only you can do it with your magical words!

  5. A really beautiful thought.. I read the poem, and pictured the Diwali that you have described.. it is so picture perfect and divine.. wish, pray and hope that we could have more such Diwalis in life.