Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A boy who turned his back on the world

I’m like a boy 
Who with back on the world
Sits ponderously,
Facing the ocean
His eyes lost in the mist of mountains
His gaze moving from earth to heaven
Skies lowering themselves to his size
Spreading like a canopy over his shrinking world
The ocean waters flowing silently
No turbulence anywhere in sight
No agitation of the mind
No restlessness of the heart 
No flutter of the soul, either
Time is perhaps grinding to a halt
Waters are melting into the mountains
From whence they come
Who knows, whence they go.
On looking up
He finds it all turn into a blur,
The waters
The mist
The mountains
And his gaze.  
Perched on the assurance of a hard stone 
He ponders on and on,
And moves from one to the other
Returning to himself
Or his stony structure
Framing his existence,
Echoing a name
That may ultimately drown in the mist
Or float on the cloud-borne skies
Or leave foot-tracks in an unknown, dark forest
That runs through the mountains,
Somewhere far out, and deep.