Friday, December 7, 2012


A policeman dies protecting his daughter. In broad day light. A gruesome murder. Whose? And who died? The policeman who failed to protect his own daughter or his family, who will now die a slow death each day, thinking why they sent their son, husband, father into Punjab police, if he was only to die protecting his own daughter? 

I hear, the other policeman, who had failed to act on the complaint of the murdered policeman's daughter in the first place, has been dismissed from service.

If the murdered father didn't have a choice, did the other policeman have a choice? I wonder...If you don't listen to your political bosses, you lose your life, and if you do, you lose your job. Don't our policemen in Punjab find themselves in much the same situation in which the common man was, say, during the days of militancy.

To be killed in the cross-fire was his fate then...and to be killed in the cross-fire is his fate now. Because, we live in a country where law is not what it is or should be, as it derives it ultimate authority, not from our constitution, but from the whims and fancies of our 'degenerate politicians.' And the rules that apply to you and me don't apply to them. It is simple. After all, they are the rulers. No?

Those who rule and govern are obviously above law, or else how is it possible for them to govern? My dear countrymen, you'll be happy to know that those who govern us only think of us when the elections are round the corner. And yet we don't wake up.

Even during the elections, we don't become human for them; we only exist as vote-banks. Well, that's the only time our existence counts. Otherwise, it counts as the head count alone, of how many killed or how many murdered? Yes, if we aren't there to shed blood at their behest, where would 'they' go to dip their 'stolid, shameless, sticky fingers in?

Friends, it's not the murder of a policeman/father, but the murder of human freedom and human dignity. It's the murder of whatever is left of our democracy. No, there is no democracy in our country. We only have 'demons crazy' after power. Is that what you call democracy? Certainly, not my idea!

Does common man have any chance in this country? O the rulers, for God's sake, don't shut all the doors on us. For then, we may have to pull down the walls. Much before the people of this country decide to do that, our politicians would do well to take it as a wake- up call and resolve to clean up their dirty, stinking stables. For the stink and stench that you are spreading at our door shall one day, come back to haunt your nostrils.

If this one incident can stir the 'dead conscience' of our politicians and start the process of de-criminalization of Indian politics, I'd say, the policeman's murder is the beginning of a revolution. Otherwise, we go back to our lives, as live them as shamelessly as they always force us to do.