Monday, January 2, 2012

My Thoughts on the Eve of 2012

Tomorrow, it’ll be a dawn like any other, 
but you'll look at it differently. 
Tomorrow, it’ll be a day like any other, 
but you'll meet it differently. 
Tomorrow, it’ll be as cold as it is today, 
but you'll respond to it differently, 
with more warmth and more affection. 
Tomorrow will not bring any more hope, peace or joy 
than is already there in your heart, 
Or what you choose to imbue it with. 
Time, Life, Circumstance and Attitude change 
only if we do....
Let this be my prayer for you, O friends, in 2012
That you’ll make of life what you want it to be....
That you’ll utter the thoughts you love to hear...
That you’ll sing the song you wish to listen to....
Be the singer, the song, the flute, and also the mesmerized listener.            
Be the rasa and the rasika
Life will never elude you. 
And God will always bless you.  

--Rana Nayar