Sunday, March 27, 2011

Song for an Un-known Daughter

You’re a child of my twilight years,
Never born to me,
Only visited in a dream
Or was it a vision?
I never heard you yelp in pain
Or groan in agony.
I never sang you lullabies
Or told you bed-time tales
I wasn’t around when your pencil was stolen   
Or your doll went kaput.
I never cuddled you like a doll
Or rocked you to a quiet slumber
I never drew margins in your notebooks
Or solved crazy puzzles for you 
I wasn’t around as a peacemaker
When your brother or sister fought you
Pulling and tugging at your pony-tails   
I wasn’t around when your teen troubles started
Or the pimples sprouted on your face
I didn’t see you through any of those days
Of your childhood and youth
When you missed your mother
Or defied your father
Only sometimes, you told me stories of exile
I could never understand
Though I saw the long haul of pain
And loneliness lurking in your eyes
I had no recipe for your silent questionings   
Only sometimes, when I reached out, hesitatingly  
My words fell short, and my actions failed
O daughter of mine!
You never let me pay the debt
A father often owes his child  
Instead you chose to awaken your good karma
To help you through trials of life   
Cast in gold, your soul now shines
In everything you say or do
The other day,  
When you came in a dream or a vision
Or whatever it was
Flashing messages of ‘moksha’ to me
I was wondering,
Who is the taught, and who the teacher?
Who, the giver and who, the receiver?
Now, I’m not too sure  
If you are only a child of my twilight years
Or my long lost mother, holding my little finger
Leading me back to the same track
From where I had once started out.   


  1. Dear Sir
    सुध चलती-चलती कब खोये पल बीन-बीन कर निकाल लेती है! कुछ कांटे, कुछ मोती, कुछ साये, कुछ बहाने - यह सब बहुत सुन्दर तरीके से इस कविता में बाहर बूँद-बूँद बरसा. कैसे आपका शुक्रिया अदा करूं ? ऐसे लगा जैसे कहीं गहरे में कर्ण के घर में आप उसका दुःख बाँटने गए हों ठीक उस समय जब उसे द्रौपदी के प्रति मैल चुभ रहा था.

  2. Rana Sir, I don't really understand why i wept while reading this beautiful poem ?! I think that says it all.Keep posting Sir, your writings give me a lot of solace.
    Warm regards


  3. Sir, I have no words to express what I felt reading this beautiful is so very touching and intense!! I feel so honoured and privileged to have been your student.