Saturday, May 1, 2010

Education is....and is not.....

Education is not literacy.
Education is not ruthless competition.
Education is not mindless chase of high percentages.
Education is certainly not a certificate for employability.
Education is opening a window in a dark wall.
Education is opening doors in a closed room.
Education is allowing free winds to swish through our minds.
Education is blossoming of the mind.
Education is awakening of the spirit. 
Education is discovering who you are.
Education is discovering the world around you. 
Education is stepping out of yourself.
Education is developing understanding with compassion.
Education is showing emotion to those we do not know.
Education is wiping the tears of those we do not know.
Education is really a way of communicating with self, man, family, society and God.
Education is not what you get in school, college or university but in the lab of life.
Education is an unending experiment.


  1. Beautiful. All the wisdom of an educator, a mentor, a teacher and more importantly of a human being on the way to discovering the meaning of life come through very clearly.

  2. Very well put !! No one could have defined education any better

  3. well said sir about education..i m in favor of life as it is the best educator i have ever seen till this age of mine........